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Transitioning; Reasons why I did.

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Guys! Remember I promised sharing my hair journey with you all on one of my instagram post some weeks ago? Well this is it. Most people must be wondering why I decided to transition/cut my lovely long hair just for the natural trend 🙂 . A lot more of those who know me personally has asked so am going to share my reasons why I did;

Hair journey 5

  1. Tired of relaxing my hair: I got really tired of relaxing my hair because I have to remember/keep in mind the date I last relaxed. Just hope you know I relaxed twice a year.
  2. Relaxer burns: Due to the texture of my hair and my tender scalp, I don’t escape this, in fact I looked forward to peeling the wound after two weeks of relaxing and it wasn’t healthy for my scalp but wetin man go do.
  3. Dry scalp/Dandruff: This comes after I relax my hair and its so hard to treat *whew*. I later learnt it was the relaxer residue that wasn’t properly washed out of my hair that made my scalp dry and flake.Hair journey 12
  4. My edges: I noticed my edges wasn’t growing  well. They were so scanty and they pull out at any serious pulling. I had to think of a quick option.
  5. Headaches associated with touches: People were always amazed by my long hair and its soft texture, so they couldn’t help but keep touching it. They pull, tug at, touch and squeeze my hair, and this crowns my day with headaches because of my tender scalp. Most times I can’t say don’t touch my hair, it will come out rude or offensive. Major reason why I keep my hair in whenever I am not on extensions.Hair journey 3
  6. My mum: My mum groomed my hair and watched it grow to the length it was that year, so telling her I am cutting it is a big NO. Since I was in senior secondary school, I wanted to cut my hair but my mum won’t let me. University days came I wanted to try the Anita Baker look and later wear my hair in dreads she said I will regret it so I let the matter pass. Then I realized going natural will be a better a way to tell her am cutting my hair, in fact she has been the one cutting my relaxed ends off *praaiisee master Jesus*.
  7. Hair styles: There were a lot of hair styles I should have done but I couldn’t do them because of my long hair.
  8. Indulging the lazy me: When I see people on natural hair go out without combing their hair am like Funke this could be you but you are still relaxing your hair and straightening it.Hair journey 4
  9. The afro look: I was tired of the sleek and bone straight hair, I started falling in love with the afro look and I told my self why not.
  10. The natural hair trend: I wanted to join the gang *wink* and see my hair have the kink feel and afro look so I decided why not after talking to my friend Tosin and she let me in to the benefits of going natural.Hair journey 7

Well those are the reasons I have been trimming sorry cutting my hair to transition fully and I have been on this journey for over a year but trust me  it wasn’t so easy letting my long hair of 12-14 inches go after years of having them. The big chop might come soon . Am I content about my new look? Yes I am and am loving it.

Are these reasons similar to yours? For a healthy hair/hairline then why not. Come join the gang *Big hugs*

Cheers guys!!!

*P.S: These pictures were taken at different stages of my transitioning route.


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