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How technology has transformed our lives.

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This is the last post on the technology series *dancing* and I have been able to write about some key topics surrounding technology in previous posts. I’m so wrapping this off on a high note – the highest points are to be noted in this conclusion.

Technology just like every bus and developmental stage has transformed our lives in so many ways as follows:

  1. Photography: From the phase of black and white picture, to the introduction of Kodak cameras which made people like me have colourful pictures of my childhood to what we can brand photography as now with the advent of Canon, Nikon and other digital cameras etc.  If you were born in age before or when I was born you would remember how photographers use to be broke because it wasn’t such a great and lucrative enterprise. Trust me, there is a huge difference. Stories are now best told with quality pictures, and photo-books.
  2. Electronics/gadgets: From the old land lines (the one you will have to roll 360 just to dial  number at NITEL which I heard of),  to the age when my parent used telephones which were portable but not so portable, phone with the antennas stretching out of them as network receivers . Nokia 3310, Alcatel Triumph, Siemens, Sagem, Motorola etc were the top brands of this age. This was the period the internet had just arrived but was so sacred because it is what we have now – you certainly had to get to Cyber café to browse – but now, our smartphones loaded with the desired internet bundle is all we need to stay connected to the world. As a little child we used coloured screen blocked televisions and we had to stand up each time to change the station from the side of the television but now there are super slim LED/LCD televisions which deliver the perfect cinema feeling
  3. Social media: With the entry of social media in year 2000 or thereabout these different platforms has experienced increase in its amount of users. People have been able to connect with each other with ease. I am a social media enthusiast and I keep wondering what life was before social media (boring).
  4. Online shopping: In the past 5 years or more people have migrated from traditional buying and selling methods to making business transaction online. As it is now I there’s hardly anything that’s not online (even when the price is sometimes hyped) the comfort online shopping brings as reduced the screaming of haggling buyers and traders in physical local markets.
  5. Career: Technology has offered a lot of people like me career opportunities as it is a platform for creative expression. With its high impact in Africa, it has proven to be the new gold mine. I have discussed this in a previous post.
  6. Banking: Technology has made banking simple than what it used to be. People have been seen sleeping in the bank hall in the past. Mobile banking, Internet banking, Automated Teller Machines (ATM) etc used to transfer, credit and withdraw money is the way to go.

I hope I have been able to highlight some key things Technology has transformed in our present. If otherwise I would love to hear from you.

Cheers guys!!!

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