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I stepped out of my house this morning wearing one of my best outfits. Well, it’s Sunday. What better day than today to put on my Sunday best?

On my way to Church in the popular yellow Lagos danfo (bus), I overheard a little kid telling his mum that he wants to become the President of Nigeria when he grows up.

His Mum smiled and told him he can be whatever he wants to be when he grows up.

In my mind, I was like. “Can this lady tell this boy the truth already? We are in Nigeria not Disney land”

I laughed out loud at my thought and it created a scene.

The lady looked at me with a disgust.

I quickly apologized to her but in my mind, I had some words for the kid.

Here’s the conversation that happened between the kid and I – err- in my mind;

Hey buddy, how are you doing? You good?

No need to answer. The lollipop dancing in your mouth can already tell that you are fine so I’d cut the chase I tell you what’s on my mind.

First of all, your dreams are valid but first, you have to validate yourself. You are a young man barely 8 years old and you haven’t experienced rejection yet but when you do you have the decision to either accept the rejection or reject the rejection.

As you grow up the society will want you to become a lot of things but please don’t let them tell you how to lead your Life. You’ve got one Life you can only live it when you choose yourself.

The kid became more interested in the conversation and he gave his mum the lollipop so he could listen to me. Well, in my mind.

Talking about becoming, I said;

Our nation is in a state of an unscrupulous mess…

Oh sorry, you are a child you won’t understand what that means.

Our nation is in a mess. I mean a very big mess. We now have animals becoming rich and citizens becoming poor but I believe there is still hope.

The only hope we have as a nation is what the citizens can become. A nation takes the shape of the vision of its citizens. So, if we all become the best version of ourselves we can have the best version of our nation. Together we become more.

But hey, don’t let that disturb you. You can still become the President of Nigeria. Like I said before, your dreams are valid but first, you have to validate yourself.

You will go through a lot in life! Life will piss on you and if care is not taken you might forget your dreams and focus on your pain and like every other parent of ours you will get old with regrets and you will pour your anger on the country.

That might be how your life will turn out or you can flip the coin and learn from your experience. Every experience we as humans experience was designed to make us grow. Failure comes when we focus so much on the pain of the experience instead of the lesson from the experience.

Every experience is like a teacher, it comes with its own experience and like Milton Tutu said in his book ‘At the River Bank’, Nothing happens to you by chance. Everything is connected to your purpose.

But hey, I am sure you will learn.

I am already late for Church so let me just quickly share this with you before I leave.

There is a time and season for every dream and vision. So you want to become the president of Nigeria? There is a time and season for that.

Before I forget, your character is more important than anything. See a man diligent in his job? He shall stand before Kings and not ordinary men. Only character can keep him standing there.

So back to the times and seasons talk.

You will encounter a lot of people in your life and it may seem like they are way ahead of you in life especially financially. You might be ahead of some of them but this thing called social media can make their life look flashy. Don’t fall into that trap of wishing your life was like theirs.

But for the guys that are legit ahead of you on this journey don’t get jealous of them or envy them instead, learn from them. We are all on a journey of self-discovery and like a tree, we were planted at different times.

A tree grows in different stages. The people that are ahead of you on this journey might currently be producing fruits both in influence and finances while you are still trying to spring out of your soil. Don’t envy them, learn from them and those lessons will become manure to your growth. Your time too will come…

As I was about getting into the peak of the conversation which was about girls and sex the angry conductor tapped me and shouted at me because I had reached my destination a long time ago but I was just lost in my thoughts.

I gently came down from the bus and waved goodbye to the kid and his Mum… In my mind.

My name is Steve Oluwafemi and this is the conversation that never happened.

This beautiful piece was written by Milton Tutu, a Certified life coach and author of At the River Bank. Follow him on Instagram: @miltontutu

Tutu geh 1

What are your thoughts on this post? And would you love to read the other part of this conversation? Let’s discuss in the comment section.


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  • Esther Adeniyi
    March 14, 2018

    Indeed it takes courage to adult. Adulting in Nigeria takes times 10 of resilience. In all, what sustains us is hope. Hope is really powerful and if we can keep that alive, we can be anything we want to be.

    Great piece of writing.

    • 'FUNKE
      March 18, 2018

      Hope is more than enough! Thanks for stopping by the blogging dear Esther and also going further to drop your thoughts on the post. I really appreciate.