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Things to know when going to the Lagos market.

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I started this series last week  and this is part two *like a Yoruba/Nollywood movie*. These are some things you should know when going to the Lagos market. Don’t be afraid or bothered it’s a place with a beehive of activities 😁. So here we go:

  • Make a shopping list: Do this or you will end up buying things you don’t need just because you saw them and you might probably want them in future. I used to fall  victim of this until I adapted this method. My mum used to emphasis this but like a young chick trying to find its place I tried it my own way and came running back to hers. *Big ups mother*
  • Money: Withdraw your money before you get to the market to be on a safe side. The queues at the Automated Teller Machines (ATM) is not of this world days you are unlucky.
  • Study the map or take a guide: It’s a big market, you might keep on going in circles if you don’t know your way, so taking a tour guide or using the google map might help but I prefer the former.
  • Always ask: They are helpful and friendly people amongst the traders; at least two out of three will direct you if you miss your way so far you know where you are going to or what you want to buy.
  • Different section: There are different sections / close (woro) for everything you want to buy just ask you will be directed accordingly.
  • What to wear: Put on smart clothing / casual and footwear; for a lady a dress is best if you are buying clothing, you wouldn’t need to struggle to put on and off your trousers *ladies you understand the struggle chai!!!* or better still a short and top will do.
  • The street boys: They’re just on the street waiting for prospective buyers. They will show business cards and say these; are you going to Mandillas?, do you want to buy jean or tops? etc. They actually don’t own a stall or shop but they are affiliated to shop owners to bring customers. Have it in my mind that once they take you any where the price of whatever item you buy will be slightly inflated so they can get their share on the item sold. That’s how they earn a living, blame them not. P.S: They can also serve as a tour guide but of course their service comes with a fee.
  • Touching: If you’re as light-skinned as I am be ready to be touched / pulled on your arm by street boys like I call them. With sayings like oyinbo, my colour etc.
  • Road side food: If you have a sweet tooth like I do then this is for you. You need to take extra money to buy road side food like steamy hot rice, shawarma, puff puff , fried yam, fried potatoes, fried plantain and fried stew with fried chicken, turkey and gizzard, the list is endless. P.S: All this are at a cheap price.
  • Security consciousness: Not every one in the market is there to buy or sell. Some come there to ‘obtain’ so its advisable to old your bags and belongings well: a sling bag placed in ‘front’ not at the ‘side’ is best to take to the market.

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Cheers guys!!! Until next week

*Woro: This is a Yoruba word that simply means close/street.

*Obtain: A subtle word used to refer to stealing

*Puff puff: A snack made from a mixture of flour, nut meg, etc

*Photo credit: Google Map


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  • Bada Damilola
    July 21, 2016

    The Number one rule is so Mummy’s style Reference her please!

    • 'Funke
      July 21, 2016

      Yes I will bruv. Thanks for the comment 😀😚