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There is a problem with you. Yes you!

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Hey guys!!! How has your week been so far? Do you remember the editor of this blog who I appreciated in a previous post, well he is now a contributor and he wrote this beautiful piece on ‘GENDER EQUALITY’. Gender equality from a guys point of view. Sit tight and enjoy this post.

The problem with ignorance is that it makes the ignorant a bucket of foamy water. You think you know something, but you’re floating, then you melt with time. Feminism has been overrated. I hate the idea, as much as I love it for its many flaws. I wish that the world could realize that there is more to human existence than gender boundaries. Because these boundaries are invisible, yet strong and potent. It isn’t a crime to be a woman or a man. A man once said a man or woman without a daughter is doomed to suffer in the latter part of his or her life. I am thinking of my parents, my mothers and father, will they really suffer? Well, I know that is not true, but it is based on stereotypes, that while women, are more emotional, and caring, men, are productive, and daring.

There is a problem with humanity and that problem is a problem of acceptance. Why must we hide under the blinds of gender to underestimate people’s values and contributions? What role does religion play in how our existence as human beings before gender? The truth is that so many paradigms will be used to state that gender equality can’t be attained, but a better treatment of women must be attained, not forgetting the struggles of men. There are also boys who are raped – no one talks about them, because they would grow into strong men, ones who shouldn’t and wouldn’t shed tears

The truth is that we have to learn to accept the truth – when it is out in our faces. Women are strong and sometimes the counter point of social stereotypes. Some women posses so much physical strength that they could floor guys like me in a wrestling combat. There is a problem with acceptance, no one is trying to fit into anyone’s shoes. But everyone has the right to life and to live, and to love. Gender is a division, one which works with society giving us reasons why we can’t regard ourselves as humans with a contributory value to our world before our sex, strength and weakness.

Written by Kolawole Ajiboye.

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