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“Growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.”- Anonymous

Over the years I have come to realize that growing old (age) is not synonymous to growing up / being matured. And that growing up is a personal decision and journey you embark on as an individual either consciously or unconsciously.

Growing up is born through constant development, evolution and experience over the years in which you take every aspect of your life (relationships, career, finances etc) more serious.

1. Being happy

Living a life filled with happiness and everything good (joy, peace of mind etc) that accompanies happiness has been one of my main goals lately. The funny thing is I am not just seeking happiness for myself but for my friends and people around me also. I get to share in my friends happiness also as their progress and advancement in life makes me excited, instead of being angry, feel jealous or rather threatened.

2. Praying for everyone

Can I get a hand up if you were just like me growing up who actually just nods her head when asked if I prayed for anyone other than my family members and myself but deep down I knew I didn’t. As I grew up I realized these people make a part of my life/world and they need my prayers as much as I and my family members do. I don’t just pray for loved ones, friends and acquaintances, I pray for people out there I will probably never meet.

3. Being selfless

The moment you realize that the world doesn’t revolve around you alone then you are growing up. Contrary to being selfish, giving as much as you can afford to people around you, being generous with your time, affection, finance, etc without no personal gain helps build friendships and relationships.

4. Treasuring relationships

Relationship matters a lot as we all need someone to share the events of our lives. Relationships are not only supportive, they also shape our lives, make us who we are. Accepting each other for who they are help. Realizing the value of friendships, relationships and connections with people helps grow relationships. Cutting of unprofitable and baseless interactions with people on things which would not be of profit to you and treasuring relationships with people by accepting them for who they are.

5. Giving compliments

Working in a grocery store has made me more interact with more people than I have in a long while and so I realized that giving genuine compliments makes people smile and a bit relaxed. When you go out of your way to say something nice and give thoughtful praise to another person, it amplifies your self-confidence and nourishes your self-esteem. You can make someone’s day by sharing your positivity in the form of a genuine compliment. Who wouldn’t love to hear a genuine compliment unexpectedly? It’s a win win situation both ways.

6. Being apologetic and taking the blame

When you realize you don’t have to be right all the time and can’t be right all the time then you are growing up. Accepting that no one knows it all and  having the wisdom to know that no one is correct all the time helps build relationships. And out-rightly owning up to mistakes and taking responsibilities for consequences of actions is a sign.

7. Being  responsible and accountable

Knowing fully well that at the end of the month, you are responsible for paying bills and other miscellaneous expenses, helps you spend money wisely and be more prudent contrary to buying on impulse. You would rather spend on what you need than what you want. A little treat won’t make you broke though.

8. Enjoying family time

The moment you realize family time is second to none and you will rather sit home and share a good laugh with the family than going on an unnecessary spontaneous adventure.

9. Weekends are the best 

We all know that better days in a week are Saturdays and Sundays, but the disappointing thing is that they do not last for a while, they go by so swiftly. These are perfect days to unwind with friends and let off some steam.

10. Relationship with God

When you come to realize that, all of your life goals and aspirations can be fulfilled by communing with God and having a personal relationship with Him, then you are growing up.

As I thought of this ten things I wrote about, I am convinced that I have grown in some of these areas but there’s still room for a lot of growing up. So let’s look at it as a positive and keep pushing ourselves to be  better. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

Until next time guys!!! Sending lots of loves your way.


How helpful do you think this post is? And have you been experiencing all or some of this things mentioned above or more? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.


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  • kweenesther2
    August 16, 2017

    Yaay! I’m growing up! It’s a gradual process. Can i add one point ma? Forgiving, Letting go and not reacting to EVERYTHING is another sign! 😀😀

    • 'Funke
      August 16, 2017

      You are so right Bolu. Forgiving and letting go. Thanks for stopping by the blog dear. I really appreciate it.

  • Chidinma
    August 18, 2017

    Totally relatable post, especially number 2 and 3 👍🏾

    • 'Funke
      August 18, 2017

      Thank you Chidinma for dropping your thoughts on this post and for stopping by the blog, you just made my morning. Heading over to yours.

  • Adeola Orente
    October 16, 2017

    So educative.
    I’m happy knowing that I’m not only growing old, but GROWING UP!

    • 'Funke
      October 18, 2017

      Thanks dear!!! Cheers to growing up.