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​I am Ready!

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Hey guys!!! I’m officially back from the long holidays refreshed and ready to publish posts that has been sitting pretty in my drafts. This poem is for the new year. Are you ready?

Hearkening to the whistle

The wake of a new morn

Opened to see the filaments

That covers the heaven above

The brightness of destiny

The envelope of new hope

The starting mark of new beginning

The morning pleasure of today

The time of anticipation for tomorrow

The time where the walk of life begins

I am ready to take that walk

I am ready for the walk of faith

I am ready for the new life

Surely, I am ready!

It’s at the noon

Where the rise of the sun reflects

The beauty of the translucent skin

Yes! it is the time

Where the pleasure of the today is enjoyed

Where the beauty of the lily is noticed

Where the peacock shows off her beautiful colours

Where the smell of the roses is perceived

What a time!

The best time to decide

Whether to play the games

Or to invest your loyalty

Whether to have the fun

Or to focus on the fore

Are you ready?

Ready to live for today

Ready to live it right?

Yes, I am ready!

Yet! Another opportunity

Another one to live it right

It’s far away noon

Drawing close to the night

Where the hurt of yesterday is lost

Where the hope of today is found

Where the future of tomorrow is desired

The perfect time to amend the past

The past of the morning

The perfect time to live in the present

The pleasure of today

The perfect time to anticipate the night

The well-planned fairy

Are you ready?

Ready to live for the future

Ready to live it right?

Yes,I am ready!

Now! It is night

Where the body begins to grow weary

The time is spent

Where all lost can not be regained

There is no question here

It is either you are ready or never

Just like a farmer

Waiting to reap what he sows

Be ready to have your harvest

The one you sowed

In the morning

At the moon

Yes! It is the night

Be ready to reminisce on the sweet memories

Or be ready to regret the ordeal

Be ready to wake in peace

Or be ready to cry to sleep

Are you ready?

For it is the night

Surely, I am ready

Every new day is another opportunity to amend the hurtful past of yesterday, to live the new beginning of today and to anticipate the pleasure of tomorrow.
Are you ready to live it right?

Can you boldly say to yourself that…

I am Ready!

By Awoleye Oluwatosin Jr.


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