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Perfect Gentleman.

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Just in a jiffy

Suddenly we met

Hoping to become a casual friend

But suddenly at a point

My soul find solace in you

Bringing out pure gentility

Genuinely from my heart

The one that cares from the deepest

Even at the darkest

Though at the brightness

Behold, I will be with you

Solidly behind you

When you walk through the thorns

The whirl wind of life

The twirl of the blowing torrent

I will hold you tightly

I will go extra miles for you

Just to ensure your safety

Because of you

I am ready to a gentleman

A perfect gentleman

Oh! A promise made

Is surely a promise kept

Oh! Yes I promise

To take care of you

To cherish you

To protect you

To complement you

To love you

Undying love from the deepest

Down beneath my heart

Even when you are angry

I will be your calm

Even at your violent

I will remain your peace

Because of you girl

I am ready to be a gentleman

A perfect gentleman

I confess sincerely

From my heart

You are a blessing

From above

You are my perfect completion

You complete my imperfection

I will not be wrong

To call you my perfect gentlewoman

I could see vividly before I met you

Now I am completely blinded

By your undying love

Flowing from the bed of my soul

I give my heart completely

I pledge my loyalty to you baby

On the limitless journey of love

Solely because of you

I am ready to be a gentleman

A perfect gentleman

My perfect craft from above

Bringing out the perfection in me

Even at my worse

Yet! You are the best

Even at my impatience

Yet! You are so calm

Even at my promiscuity

Yet! You remain faithful

Even when I left

Yet! You waited for me

When I believe in no love

Yet! You proved to me

That love is worthy of it

Baby when I walk through the aisle

Waiting to engulf your golden finger

With the bracelet of love

A perfect gentleman style

To love you eternally

Because of you baby

I am ready to be a gentleman

A perfect gentleman

The perfect gentleman endlessly and repeatedly gushes over the perfect and beautiful craft of his woman.

By Awoleye Oluwatosin Jr.

Feature Image Credit: He Spoke Style


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