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Does it really matter???

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Lagos just has a way of feeding you with stressful impulse without trying to hurt you. I really wanted to be home, throw my shoes in different directions, have a good meal, have my bath and sleep. I got to the bus stop, to begin another cycle of stress. Lagos in case you don’t know is a city of waiting. There I was again, just like every other day, waiting for an old if you are lucky it might be a new looking rickety white and green bus popularly called Danfo to usher me to my destination. I got to this very popular bus-stop in Lagos called Oshodi in one piece whew, then I saw this old course mate of mine from the University, we exchanged pleasantries and went our separate ways.

While walking down to where I would board a bus to my final destination, I remembered that I wasn’t meant to talk to her at all because of somethings in our past, but I had hugged her, exchanged pleasantries as that was all the moment demanded of us (shout out to Unilag students we can hug for Africa even when we hardly know you; it’s our tradition). Then I began ask myself this question: DOES IT REALLY MATTER?

Way back in the University she was my friend’s roommate, and they had some squabble * normal girls wahala* she said some really funny things about me and I made up my mind never to talk to her again pending when she apologizes. Well, she never did, but I had obviously forgotten and moved on with the train of life like those words never hurt my imperfect heart once.

Now, I have realized that it could be anything, little or big, heavy or light, bitter or sweet, success or failure, negative or positive pulling strings in your heart, get over it. Time has  a way of making the big things look small and small things look big, learn from the bitter leaf, and the sugar cane, the former starts on a bad note but ends so well, the latter is all so pleasant from he start that it vanishes so fast.  I am not trying to teach you to let go, but I have just learnt that in life the things that matter to us sometimes don’t really matter. We let our emotions bud like flowers at sun rise and then wither at sun sets. I had caged myself from the reality of truth because I had thought the nasty words said about me and my decision not to forgive was the best thing to do, but right now it doesn’t matter any longer.

If you evaluate and think about it and you realize it would not matter in a while, please don’t let it waste your time and energy, because “hate has caused so much problem in the world, but it is still yet to solve any”  Let it go, It simply doesn’t worth it..

How helpful do you think this post is in living a grudge free and peaceful life? Drop your comments below and other words of advice.

Cheers guys!!!



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  • Kweenesther2
    July 21, 2016

    Very true… It really doesn’t matter

    • 'Funke
      July 21, 2016

      Thanks my dear Bolu for your comment. I appreciate it.