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Be the change you want to see.

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One of the most commonly used word by people with the country’s present state is CHANGE. It is a powerful tool that influences the world. Its influence may be positive or negative. The demanding questions are ‘what is your quota towards the change you want? and ‘Have you been able to influence the world of today with positive change?’

What is change?

According to the English Oxford Dictionary Change is defined as an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another or to an act of making a different to cause transformation.

Change is a very powerful tool that it can totally influence the world of today. Change is a metamorphosed process, that is, it starts from an individual to the nearest community and to the country at large. Change is in-born, it starts from within you. Before change can take place, your mindset must have been prepared to give room for it. You are the determinant of the change you want in the world and the world is not the determinant of the change you want. Your attributes, characters, response to things around you and relationships with people determines the kind of change that would reflects from you to the world. Positivity starts from you, positivity is a fruit that germinate from the seed of change.

How do you reflect the change you want.

This is a question that should be answered by every youth. We can reflects the change we want through;

  • Our mindset: This is the first stage of every act we take. The mind is a citadel of decision and the first fruit we bear start from the mindset we sow. Let your mindset sow a positive seed. A positive change starts from within you because you are what you think. Your physical body can be illustrated as the body of a car while your mind is the engine. Therefore, what you produce is the determinant of the production process of your thought. We are the youths of today, we are the active citizen, we have to give room for positivity in our thoughts so that we can reflect the positive change we want.
  • Reactions to things around: The way you react to things that happen around us also reflect the kind of outcome we should expect. The reaction you profer to every situation you find yourself is a determinant of the expected result. Therefore, let us try as much as we can to give a positive reaction to things that happen around us. Be positive still, because it will go a very long way to change the world around us. Be encouraged to do the little you can to make the world a better place.
  • Relationship with others: As youths, our relationships with others is very paramount because it shows vividly the kind seed we bear in us. I believe strongly that where love and unity reign, definitely positive changes should be expected. Therefore, let’s relate with everyone around us with love not selfishness, let’s seek peace not war, let’s be pure in heart not hypocrites and let’s be positive in all our dwellings with people.
  • Be the reflection of the world: when you look through the mirror you will see your reflection, that is, who you truly are. The same applies to the world of today. The world is just like the mirror and what you do is what will reflect you in you. Be charged to be a positive reflection to the world of today. The change you really want starts from you and you are the change you simply want. Be a positive reflection and change to others, the world needs more of it.

I would encourage us to be world changers and not allow the world change us, we should occupy our mind with positive thoughts, react positively to things around us, relate with love to others, bear positive fruits that would influence the world positively to produce the change we want to see and make this temporary place a better place to dwell.

How helpful do you think this post is in gearing you to creating a positive change around you? I would love to hear from you.

* This beautiful piece was written by Awoleye Oluwatosin Jr. the poet. You should visit his blog @ to read more of his works.

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