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The Undying love

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The undying love

In this dying world

In this trying times

Souls dying everyday

The undying love

Compassionate about me

You restore my fate

The breathe of your mouth

Brings to me life

The sweet kisses of your lips

Brings to me joy

Even when I am lost

The gold in your heart

Yet! You found me

My undying love

Even when all hope is lost

And I want to rest

Yet! I want to dye on your arms

Even when I am thirsty

You satisfy me with your love

Yet! I am insatiable

Dying to want more

More of your love

In your sweet bosom

My undying love

Oh! The undying love

The one that starve for me

Yes! For my sake

Deep into your soul

You want nothing

Nothing but solace

When I am green

Yet! You are my pasture

Looking into your eyes

I see the shining stars

Just as I am cold

I want to be warmed in your arms

In the melody of your love

I want to dance whole-heartedly

Wishing for nothing

Nothing but care

Handled solely by you

You! My undying love

The undying love

The one that prays for me

The one that wish me nothing

Nothing but the best

The one that wish me nothing

Nothing but joy

Even as I slip off

Yet! You hold me back

My undying love

Even when am lost in the island

Yet! You set out to find me

My undying love

If becoming prisoner would make you free

I am ready to be convicted

If starving for you would feed you

My undying love

I am ready to dye for you

Even when I am dying

I want to be with you

My undying love

My undying love

When I fall

Will you lift me?

When I starve

Will you feed me?

When I am depressed

Will you elevate me?

When I am dying

Will you restore my fate?

When I am weak

Will you strengthen me?

When I am lost

Will you find me?

When I am confused

Confused and clueless

Will you map me back?

When I am green

Will you be my pasture?

When I am wearied

Will you stand by me?

When I am sick

Will you heal me?

With your undying love

The undying love

Oh! My undying love

Do you believe in innocence?

Do you believe in the truth?

Do you believe in righteousness?

Do you believe in purity?

Do you believe in hope?

Do you believe in passion?

Do you believe in companionship?

Do you believe in unity?

Do you believe in vision?

Do you believe in the heart?

The heart that pants for you

Always panting for your love

Oh! My undying love

In you my hope truly lies

My undying love

The undying love of the heart will never get wearied and will ever find its way back to vineyard of his fate.

Every man and woman has a chosen ONE from above no matter how awful it might get for you…You have a unique Undying true love from above.

‘For the gush of the soul for the undying love is insatiable’

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Written by: Awoleye Oluwatosin (Jr)

      (Awo The Great)

I am a poet

I love Poetry

The life of a Poet

…using poetry to change the world.

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