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The evil called HATRED.

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Once upon a certain land

Fruitful was her seed

Bearing fruits day and night

Plenty of Gold and Silver

Riches in Diamond

Platinum of nature

A citadel of beauty

Faithful was her inhabitants

To the one who created her

Unity was her bond

Selflessness was her culture

Purity was her heart

Wishing each other nothing

Nothing but joy of the heart

Giving each other hope

Re-kindling in hope

Treasured was this land

In love they dwell

The true love from their heart

They despise Hatred

Once upon the land

The treasured land

Once upon this certain Land

The once beautiful land

The once glowing star

The once engulfed by the light

The once upon island

An island of reality

Now! Just at this moment

Suddenly the light blows off

Paving way for darkness

Becoming a dwell for evil

The residential evil of the world

The residential evil of HATE

Blind the mind of the people

The people from the truth

The truth of love

The truth of peace

The truth of unity

The truth of hope

The truth of harmony

Why have thy allow this evil

To dwell in this beautiful land

The evil of HATE

The lies


The evil of Hatred

Oh! This evil

The evil of hatred

Why do you hate?

When love cost nothing

Wickedness lies in the heart of man


Hatred takes away your happiness

Repay you with sorrow

Filled the empty vacuum in you

Yes! With worries

Distracts you from your goals

Set you back from you destination

The evil of Hatred indeed

Hatred will take you nowhere

But somewhere

Yes! Somewhere in the isle

The Isle of regression

Yes! Somewhere in the island

The Island of confusion

Yes! Somewhere in the ocean

The ocean of dead thought

Yes! Somewhere in the vacuum

The vacuum of emptiness

Hatred is evil

The evil of darkness

The evil of hatred

The hatred heart progress less

The hatred heart regress more

The hatred heart is full of nothing

Nothing but empty thought

Hatred is a gift

The gift of the dark

Hatred is the father of all evil

Hatred dwells in the heart of the wicked man

Hatred is lies

Hatred is oppress

Hatred is sadness

Hatred is sorrow

Hatred is wickedness

Hatred is hypocrisy

Hatred is back-biting

Hatred is evil

The evil of the dark

The evil of darkness

Hmmm Hatred

Are you a Brother?

And your trousers get to the top of your abdomen

Carrying the Holy book day and night

From Vigil to Revival to Prayer sessions

Calling on the name of God day and night

And you still inhabit HATRED?

My brother change your ways!

God is love and dwells not in Hatred

Because Hatred is evil

Oh! The christian and Muslim sisters

The prayer warriors

Always on scarf

Never on scalp

The front sitter in the Holy Place

And your heart is full of Hatred

My sister!

Please change your ways!

God is love and dwells not in Hatred

Because Hatred is evil

The evil of darkness

Are you not convinced enough?

Convince enough to stop HATE

Convinced enough to rebuke the evil of HATE

Convinced enough to progress and not regress

Convinced enough to despite darkness

Convinced enough to allow light

Convinced enough to reject lie

Convinced enough to accept peace

Convinced enough to love

Convinced enough to stop Hate

Are you not convinced enough?

The world is a temporary place and a mere stage where we will all perform and leave.

Why not allow love fill the vacuum of your heart?

Why do you Hate when love cost nothing?

Have a rethink today and endeavour to love everyone because the world need more of it.

Making the world a better place starts from you!. You are your own world and what you do would influence your world.

Written by: Awoleye Oluwatosin (Jnr)

    (Awo The Great)

I am a Poet

I am a writer

The Life of a Poet

…Using poetry to change the world.

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