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The Heroes

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Our dear heroes

The living legends

The pace setters

The speakers of truth

The fearless

The courageous

The unshakable

The servant leaders

The dogged frontiers

The unusable speakers

The fighters

Oh! The freedom fighters

Our dear heroes

Oh! Our darling heroes

When you speak

You speak authority

Spilling out like a blow of fire

When you write

Even the walls can read

When you acts

The oppressors will fright

When you stand

The oppressors will run

When you fight

The slaves regained freedom

The prisoners became freed

The oppressed rejoiced

The depressed became elevated

Our dear heroes

Our beloved heroes

The legends of the past

With a living deeds

Reckoning of their goods

Forever in our hearts

You fought for us

The freedom fighters

You became prisoners for our sake

The undying prisoners

You starve for us

The incorruptible ones

You died for us

The restorer of fate

You spoke for us

The advocate for the intimidated

You wrote for us

The mighty pen user

You reformed us

The great republican

You unite us

The democrats

Our dying heroes

Our dear heroes

Just like the Nelson Mandela

The mighty pen user

Using writings to fight

Yes! The freedom fighter

Just like the Bob Marley

The great musical piece

The voice of the truth

Fighting for freedom

Yes! The freedom fighter

Just like the Ben Saro Wiwa

The great activist

With the right activity

The speaker of truth

The hater of the oppressors

The lover of the masses

The great freedom fighter

Our darling heroes

Our dear heroes

The freedom fighters

Just like the Fela Ransome-Kuti

The kalakuta republic

Republic of the masses

Fighter for the common man

What about Obafemi Awolowo

The free education giver

What about Nnamdi Azikwe

The true democrat

What about Tafawa Balewa

The independence fighter

What about Marthins Luther King

The advocate for the blacks

What about Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti

The great woman activist

What about Mary slessor

The giver of hope for twins

What about Mother teressa

The seeker of peace

Our darling heroes

Our dear heroes

Mentioned but few

The great warriors

The warriors of our time

Our heroes

Our mentors

We emulate you

You inspire us

You gave us hope

Hope for the coming future

The better future

You gave us freedom

The freedom we have today

The freedom to speak

The freedom to walk

The freedom to write

The freedom feed

You gave us courage

The courage to fight

All from your selfless ambitions

Oh! Heroes

You remain in our hearts

Your memories remain unforgettable

You are our legends

The true legends

Your greatness lives on heroes

Our darling heroes!!


The ones who inspired my gift of writing and made me believe that the sky is the beginning for the true hustler and the undying optimist.

Do you have a dream?

What is your dream?

Are you scared to unleash your dreams?

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe in the gift embedded in you by God?

Are you on the right path of your dreams?

Why don’t you satisfy the burning desire in you?

Are you waiting for the future?

Why don’t you follow your dreams and let the world know you…FOR THE FUTURE IS NOW!!

‘It is never too late until it is too late.’

Written by : Awoleye Oluwatosin (Jnr)

(Awo The Great)

I am a Poet

I am a writer

The life of a Poet

…Using poetry to change the world.

To read more poems from the poet visit:


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