Transitioning; Reasons why I did.

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Guys! Remember I promised sharing my hair journey with you all on one of my instagram post some weeks ago? Well this is it. Most people must be wondering why I decided to transition/cut my lovely long hair just for the natural trend 🙂 . A lot more of those who know me personally has …

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5 Tech career paths to non techies.

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Choosing a career and sticking to it can be quite confusing, challenging and daunting sometimes for most people all over the world irrespective of colour or geographical variation. While a certain group of people just find themselves unknowingly doing stuff they can’t imagine, at the same time they enjoy what they do (no minding what …

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Career paths in the technology industry.

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Technology is the new rave. We have seen the world evolve from what it used to be to what it is now; the smartphones, data bundles, your worktop/ laptop, LED TVs and the list is endless. Now down to the technology industry, everyone you meet especially the younger generation seems to find themselves in the …

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